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SMS MMS Text Messaging Advice


Despite growing popularity of chat apps, text messaging is far from dead. Hundreds of millions of SMSs are sent every single day and its not going to change anytime soon. With online messaging apps getting more and more popular, millions of Android users all still likely use regular text messaging apps. If you don’t like your stock option, there are plenty of alternatives available. Whether that be to send texts, MMS picture messages and more, here we’ll go over a few awesome options to replace the stock app on your phone with something better, more customizable, or more powerful that’s available.
Most stock text apps aren’t all that appealing and they’re not very customizable either. Thankfully the power of Android means you can download any of the hundreds of text messaging replacement apps, set them as the default option, and use them with ease. You can even change the notification icon, quick compose features and more.
Most of the 3rd party text message apps will change the design elements, give you a different look and feel on your device, add more features, and much more. These apps will all handle regular texting and picture messaging with ease, and people on the other end won’t need them. When you replace your stock app with something you’ll probably be able to customize it with themes, change the look of the message bubbles, customize font, and more.
Some advices of SMS MMS Text Messaging app that you will find :- Looks great and is easy to use.- Popular cross-platform app with good PC and tablets integration.- The most secure messaging app on Android.- Has it all: features, customization options and Android Wear support.- Love the look.- Both pretty and pretty good.- Follows the Android style guidelines.- Lets your read and reply to messages from your PC.
Despite the presence of online messaging apps, you can’t really do without sending SMS or text messages and they remain one of the most used features on phones. Unfortunately, most stock texting apps are found lacking in features and aren’t always as visually appealing as you’d like them to be.
This is where the beauty of Android shines because like everything else, you can also replace your phone’s stock messaging app with third-party texting apps which come with new features, fresh visuals and can be seamlessly integrated with your SMS service.
All of these have tons of customization, a pretty user interface, and lots of features like the popup quick compose. These are all things users will love once they try them, and need them with each new phone as they upgrade throughout the years. Go also has auto reply and block spam message controls, scheduled messages, and the paid option lets you backup and save all your messages to the cloud.
To send and receive messages, you need an SMS app. All smartphones come with such an application, but chances are its not the best app in the world. If you want to make use of your unlimited free texts, weve gathered the best free SMS MMS Text Messaging apps for Android. Each of them offers a different set of features, making them appealing to all sorts of people. Enjoy!